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Image of Handmade Stoneware Gnome for Home and Holiday Decor

Handmade Stoneware Gnome for Home and Holiday Decor


Mini, Small, Medium and Tall Ceramic Gnomes are hand built from white stoneware clay and shaped to make figures with tall, pointed hats and big noses. These charming figurines are made in varying sizes and styles. Some are slender and some are chunky. Most have flowing beards and mustaches, and a few have pipes Some are highly decorated, sculpted or textured, but all are hand painted with glaze and fired for durability.

Derek is a garden gnome the joy of representing sprouting new greenery.
Gladyn has a reddish beard and moustache. His hat is decorated with shamrocks and gold coins.
Flyre enjoys the fresh new flowers of spring and wears a wreath of pink flowers on his hat.
Stjarn has a guiding star on his hat, representing the stars that have been used for centuries to guide travelers.
Dashin and Bergiot are colorful and fun Christmas gnomes wearing hats with red, green, and white stripes and dots; both sport sprigs of holly and berries too.
Klaussen, Nyky, and Sinter are Santa Claus' helpers and wear red and white, embellished with holly/berry sprigs.

Each is made individually and is a one of a kind. Options are frequently changing as gnomes sell and new ones are made. Other than Christmas, seasonal gnomes are made in small batches and sell out quickly. Please check back often.

Heights range from 1 inch to 8 inches. No two are alike and availability changes with the seasons.

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