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About Us

Stoneware pottery from Hurricane Pottery, a Hutson family creative adventure. We have found that working together in clay, exploring, experimenting, and creating, gives us a positive and common focus.

You'll find our signature stamp, a hurricane, on the bottom of our pottery. Having lived all our lives along the Gulf Coast, hurricanes have been almost as much a part of our lives as mosquitoes, humidity, and crawfish. Louisiana living has influenced how we express ourselves in clay, and you'll see it in the botanicals we use and in the other surface treatments we apply to our clay forms.

We work with mid fire clays, oxidation firing to cone 6 in the glaze fire. My husband develops and mixes all of our glazes. The awesome variations in color found in our reactive glazes are marvelous and make kiln opening an exciting event to which we all look forward.

We mix our own glazes according to tested "recipes," so we know what's in them. We keep extensive records of each kiln firing to assure that appropriate and recommended procedures were followed.

All glazes used are non-toxic and lead-free.

Unless noted otherwise, each piece is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe (as long as you avoid temperature shock.)

Thank you for visiting with us!

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